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Personal Training & Coaching

A session at RT Training & Coaching is MORE than the ordinary one-hour personal-training story! We invest time and energy in our vibe that we want to bring everyone through our story. Prior motivation, pervasive follow-up after the training sessions as well as homework is what we see as the foundation of our lifestyle coaching!

Per session


RT Training & Coaching stands for targeted and 100% personal coaching by experienced and university-level Personal Trainers.

  • 1-on-1 sessions
  • 60 min workout
  • 100% personal
  • Tailored training
  • University-level Coaches
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Redert Van De Velde Personal Training
  • Educated and motivating trainers
  • Tailored guidance with personalized approach
  • Professional adjustments and feedback during the sessions
  • Per training, we will see if adjustments are needed
  • Penetrating coaching across your lifestyle
  • Quality, service and results

What subscription will I take?

With us, there is no subscription "contract" and you don't get stuck with anything for a long period of time. You decide what you feel comfortable with.

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What should I bring to the training?

Sport clothes, athletic shoes, a towel and a bottle of drink.

In terms of shoes, we recommend sports shoes that are not also worn for outdoor sports.

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Where do the training sessions take place?

Naamsesteenweg 86
3001 Leuven

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Our training facility is specially equipped for all types of free weight training such as performance training, powerlifting, weightlifting, rehabilitation exercises, functional, core stability & strength training.

Personal Training Facility Leuven
Personal Training Facility Leuven
Personal Training Facility Leuven
Personal Training Facility Leuven
Personal Training Facility Leuven
Personal Training Facility Leuven
Personal Training Facility Leuven
Personal Training Facility Leuven
Personal Training Facility Leuven
Personal Trainer Leuven Logo

Our clients' words:

Some clients about RT Training & Coaching.

"Redert is someone who is incredibly passionate about his profession and everything around it. He adapts himself to your wishes - and mainly needs. He is an enthusiastic bomb of information who is always available and concerned about the circumstances in which you find yourself."

Yolanda Van Mechelen

"For 7 years I have enjoyed coming to training sessions. My ambition is mainly to stay fit and muscular despite a fairly injured knee and weak back. Goals are set and achieved ! Not without energetic coaching AND efforts of course ! In addition, Redert has a perfect feel for how to get that 'extra mile' out of you without injury. I have been a fan from the very beginning."

Kathlien Valkeniers

"Redert got me back up and running after 2 years of struggling with my knee. Doctors and hospitals saw no other solution than surgery. Redert thought differently and asked me to try it. I thought if it doesn't help, it won't hurt. Still. He provided me with a suitable schedule, both for exercises and for my diet, because I also had to lose some weight. Nowadays I still train 4 to 5 days a week and enjoy riding my bike for long distances again. Thanks for the help man! This without surgery. Really great."

Bram Debie

"Redert is fitness, which is the best way to sum him up in one sentence. With him, you are not a number in a whole list of clients. He wants to get to know you better by asking about your past and current situation in order to build toward a better future. Redert makes sure you become the best possible version of yourself physically. He gives his heart and soul to everyone who comes to him to pursue everyone's personal goals. He not only provides help with exercises but also tries to give tips to create your own healthy lifestyle."

Matthias Haccour

RT Training & Coaching

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