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The RT Training & Coaching team

Get professional guidance from one of our Personal Trainers. All of our trainers are University Masters in Physical Education and Exercise Science.

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Personal Trainer


Personal Trainer

Why choose RT Training & Coaching?

Personal training has been on the rise for some time. Fitness centers offer personal training and more and more athletes want to become personal trainers themselves. However, experience teaches us that the job is often underestimated. Being a good personal trainer involves so much more than 'working out with clients'.

University Trainers & Coaches

A good personal trainer has built his knowledge through a academic model so that he can use his knowledge about the human body and about movement to motivate his clients to strengthen their physical and mental resilience.

All of our Personal Trainers are University Masters Physical Education and Exercise Science at KULeuven, the highest ranked faculty in Belgium. As a result, they have the much-needed theoretical foundation, physical skills and practical competencies to guide you.

As a result, our Personal Trainers know exactly which exercises best suit your goals and - just as importantly - why that is. Knowing what you're doing and why you're doing it gives your motivation a big boost. You no longer just muddle along. Moreover, we stand next to you so that you always perform the exercises technically correct. That way you avoid nasty injuries.

Extensive experience in Personal Training

Personal Training

We have experience in Personal Training since 2011 both with several large companies and as personal trainers and instructors with fitness centers and physiotherapists.

Since 2017, Redert is also teacher of Strength Training Practica at the KULeuven's PE and Movement Sciences program. In this way, Redert provides the next generation of University trainers & coaches with a modern style of training & coaching so that they in turn can guide people more qualitatively.

Corporate Fitness

Since the opening of its gym in 2012, RT Training & Coaching has been providing corporate fitness exclusively to all employees of ING Belgium. Over the years, we have seen more than 4,000 ING employees become members, of which more than 1,000 have enjoyed a long-term coaching program. We continue to build on this success story and have opened a 2nd training and coaching hall in 2022 in the new ING building in Louvain-La-Neuve.

RT Training & Coaching provided Nike Belgium with all its sports activities for 5 years during which we saw the number of athletes grow from a few dozen to several hundred. In addition to operating the corporate fitness, sports activities were organized and ergonomic projects such as "back training" and "lifting and hoisting" were started for the workers from the production department.

360-degree approach on Training & Coaching

A personal trainer does much more than just coaching in terms of sports and exercise. Since the classic Personal Training only focuses on the physical aspect which means that goals are not optimally achieved, RT Training & Coaching takes the step to the "Training & Coaching" where all factors such as sleep, nutrition, training, coaching and relaxation are addressed which is the only right way to let people achieve their goals optimally and honestly.

Easy to reach

Located just outside the center of Leuven on Naamsesteenweg with ample parking.

RT Personal Training Leuven
RT Personal Training Leuven
RT Personal Training Leuven
RT Personal Training Leuven