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Overview of all the pages of RT Training & Coaching

Fitness / bodybuilding show

Do you have a fitness / bodybuilding show and/or would like our recommendation on beauty salons in Leuven? Here are some of our favorite addresses:
Nagelstudio Beautiful Nails by Linde

Gelnagels & gellak

Beautiful Nails has been providing gel nails, gel polish and artificial nails in downtown Leuven since 2004 and is the place-to-be when you want beautiful nails on stage or just a fun color in the summer.

Nail salon Leuven
Spray tan Leuven

Spray Tanning

It is no secret that muscles look more pronounced on darker skin tones than on lighter skin tones. This means that spray tanning significantly helps to improve muscle definition.

Spray Tan Leuven
Laser Hair Removal Leuven


Hair removal is an essential component to maximize muscle definition. Laser hair removal is easier than shaving and waxing and thus the choice of many athletes & bodybuilders.

Laser Hair Removal Leuven