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Personal Training for men and women, beginners and advanced athletes
RT Training & Coaching


Long distance running & cycling has grown tremendously in popularity in recent years. To best prepare for your next race, a personalized approach is very important. Whether it is your first marathon or you want to beat your personal record. Personal schedules, strength training with a focus on performance improvement and injury prevention, nutritional advice, ... We offer the complete package so that you are guided from A to Z and you can achieve your dream goal without worries.

Cardio Training personal Leuven

RT Training & Coaching always focuses on the total package that comes with training and coaching. Only when the person/athlete is central and all aspects are taken into account to reach whatever goal, you can be successful!

At RT Training & Coaching we coach athletes of all levels regardless of goal. Similarly, when it comes to cardio training, we work the only way that works!

After 10 years of experience in training and coaching all levels with over 2,500 satisfied individual clients as a reference, we know the ins and outs of succeeding in your goals!

From an initial contact name via phone, we review your goals and from where you start. Then we briefly explain our story and make an appointment for a first intake session. Via a face to face OR/EN online appointment we sit down together to discuss your history with exercise, goals and the path we will take together.

What to expect next?

Personalized & structured cardiovascular training schedule tailored to level and end goal with a structured long-term plan

Comeback session to discuss & implement training schedules

Hyper-personalized approach involving weekly individual follow-up by your own coach!

No off-the-shelf computer-made programs as is often done

Weekly personal analysis of training done and weekly personal adjustment of training sessions based on weekly analysis

Associated strength training as a function of injury prevention and/or performance enhancement (via schedules to be done on your own and/or via Personal Training 1-on-1)

Weekly group training optionally available on the KULeuven athletics track (running) (joint warm-up and technique exercises, then finish training individually)

Nutritional advice around your workouts: general and race specific (tapering off, carb loading, what to eat before, during, after a workout/race for optimal preparation, performance and recovery)

Lifestyle advice (sleep/rest/mindset)

Field testing/lactate testing possible for the more experienced athlete to have more insight into own fitness levels, thresholds and chart progression throughout our course: 'Measuring is knowing' remains our motto as University trained coaches/teacher (and works fairly for all parties)


Exercise advice and individual coaching for runners who want to develop further, for both beginners and advanced runners.

(Distance) running
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Are you a dedicated (recreational) cyclist who dreams of better performance, higher FTP, better endurance or more speed?

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