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Redert Van de Velde

Trainer & Coach

Redert Van de Velde Personal Training Leuven
Master of Science in Physical Education and Movement Sciences
Cum Laude
Specific Teacher Training Programme in Physical Education
Cum Laude
AALO Personal Trainer
Eleiko Strength Coach
Lecturer KU Leuven
Sports Coach Nike
Sports Coach ING BE
Trainer Sportoase
Trainer Powermove
RT Training & Coaching
Founder RT Training

After completing his University Master studies in Physical Education and Movement Sciences at the KULeuven - where Redert also stayed on as a teacher at the KULeuven University Sports Centre - he went to work as a personal trainer both at several large companies (Nike, ING) and as a personal trainer and instructor at fitness centers and physiotherapists.

Professional guidance toward your athletic goals with qualified personal trainers.


Athletic goal

Would you also like a beautiful, toned and healthy body, lose weight or less back pain in a professional and medically responsible way? Where fitness stops, we start! We always set an athletic goal that you work toward, for both recreational and competitive athletes.

One-on-One training

We recognize that everyone is unique and needs a personal training program to achieve their goals. You train based on intensive one-on-one sessions, creating a unique dynamic with your personal trainer and allowing you to focus on one thing : your results.

Our Personal Trainers stand for athletic results with tailored training in a scientifically sound manner!

Lecturer KULeuven

Lecturer KULeuvenStrength Training - Practica

Eleiko Strength Trainer

Eleiko CertifiedEleiko Strength Coach

Aalo personal trainer

Aalo CertifiedPersonal Trainer Instructor

Olympic Lift Leuven

Olympic WeightliftingTon Leenders

The RT Training & Coaching team

Let one of our Personal Trainers guide you professionally. All of our Personal Trainers are University Masters in Physical Education and Movement Sciences.
  • University Masters in Physical Education
  • Coaches in the KULeuven University Sport Center
  • Lecturer KULeuven Strength Training
  • Tailored individual coaching with a personalised approach
  • Extensive experience One-on-One Training & Corporate Training
Discover the RT Training Team

At our private gym, you'll train one-on-one with one of our experienced personal trainers, without the crowds and distractions of a regular gym. Whether you are a beginner just getting started, or an experienced athlete, whether you want to work on your strength, endurance, muscle building or weight loss, we have the right approach for you.

  • Our gym is modern and equipped with new equipment and materials, guaranteeing you an hour of top-level personal training.
  • All types of Free Weight Training, including performance training, powerlifting, strength training, rehabilitation, functional training & core stability training, among others.
  • You will be coached exclusively by experienced Masters in Physical Education and Exercise Sciences.
Online sport coaching

Online Coaching

Online Coaching is for those who prefer to be coached remotely. In this way, you are tracked via schedules (monthly/quarterly depending on the objective and training level). This can be both for nutrition and sports programmes.

Online Coaching
Corporate fitness

Corporate Fitness

As a company, do you wish to keep your employees fit and healthy in the workplace so that absenteeism decreases, people are more productive and happier? Then corporate fitness is the solution.

Corporate fitness
Redert Van de Velde Personal Training

The benefits of Personal Training.

Working out with a Personal Trainer is not the same as working out with a friend. A Personal Trainer will teach correct exercise execution and correct where necessary, motivate you as well as put together a challenging training programme based on your capabilities.

You keep at it

We've all experienced it before: you start off in high spirits after your resolution to exercise, but after a while motivation drops and you think to yourself: I don't feel much like it anyway, so skipping a workout isn't so bad, is it?

A Personal Trainer/Coach will then make all the difference. You won't easily cancel an appointment with your trainer because you 'don't feel like it'. And since you train more, you will achieve your goal faster than if you go to the gym on your own.

Faster results

With a Personal Trainer, you perform only the exercises that help you reach your goal in the most efficient way for maximum results.

Better results are also achieved because a Personal Trainer constantly evaluates and adjusts your training programme and looks for alternative exercises. Given the principle of 'progressive overload' a Personal Trainer will ensure that your training schedule is just tough enough to achieve lasting results.

A correct posture

Standard training programmes and the quick one-off demonstration of a particular exercise obviously have two disadvantages: correct posture and execution are not evaluated and the potential risk of injury increases as the wrong posture is maintained throughout your training sessions.

A qualified Personal Trainer will always teach you the right posture and technique to train injury-free, allowing you to continue training in a safe way and, of course, make faster progress.

Walking into a gym for the first time can be an intimidating experience, but personal training is a good and easy way to put you at ease. It's important to remember that no one starts out in top condition, but anyone can get in shape. All you need is a little self-confidence and hard work during the time you have available.

  • One-on-one personal training by an expert Personal Trainer
  • Tailored nutritional support for busy lifestyles
  • Tailored to work with you on your fitness goals
  • Near the centre of Leuven

We also want our clients to enjoy their time with us. Our goal is to make the atmosphere as motivating, fun and supportive as possible. Our belief is that when our clients train in a positive and supportive atmosphere, they are infinitely more likely to achieve stunning results.

  • Approach : all-inclusive approach focusing on training, nutrition & coaching to achieve stunning results
  • Experience : University Personal Trainer with years of experience - Also lecturer in Strength Training at KULeuven
  • Location : easy-to-reach training location just outside Leuven city centre with ample parking nearby
RT Training & Coaching Leuven

Our RT Training & Coaching clients:

And is the benefit of a Personal Trainer also scientifically proven?

Yes indeed! Researchers at the University of Coventry, in an experimental study (published in March 2018), showed what happens when you let people work out in a fitness centre, but don't give them a customised training schedule: unfortunately, pretty much nothing ...

Fitness vrouw gewichten

RT Training & Coaching

Gyms where you can train with a low-cost subscription are popping up like mushrooms. Great of course to get people exercising, but a downside is that gym-goers with no fitness experience are usually left to their own devices after an initial programme or are only sporadically given new standard programmes.

The results of this study - at least for fitness professionals - were hardly surprising:

  • The subjects who trained according to a schedule built lean mass (read: more muscle, less fat); those who trained without a schedule did not.
  • The researchers' conclusion was abundantly clear: "Resistance training might be more effective when structured and/or supervised by an exercise professional."

'Programming and supervision of resistance training leads to positive effects on strength and body composition: results from two randomised trials of community fitness programmes', Steven Mann, Alfonso Jimenez, James Steele, Sarah Domone, Matthew Wade and Chris Beedie, BMC Public Health, 27 March 2018

Your Personal Trainer in Leuven

Docent KULeuven krachttraining

Lecturer KULeuven strength training

Redert is a lecturer at KULeuven on strength training Practica for:

  • Master students majoring in Physical Activity, Fitness and Health
  • Master students majoring in Training & Coaching
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Personal Trainer & Coach Nike

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Personal Trainer & Coach ING

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Personal & Group Trainer Sportoase

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Personal Trainer Powermove

Personal Training Leuven
Core Stability
Personal Training Leuven
Overhead Press
Personal Training Leuven
Core Stability
Personal Training Leuven
Back Squat
Personal Training Leuven
Bench Press
Personal Training Leuven
Goblet Squat
Personal Training Leuven
Sport Performance
Personal Training Leuven
Bench Press
Personal Training Leuven
Strength training
Personal Training Leuven
Box Jumps
Personal Training Leuven
Strength training
Personal Training Leuven
Strength training
Personal Training

RT Training & Coaching

Do you have a fitness goal in mind?

For anyone who wants to build muscle, lose weight, just get fitter, needs rehabilitation or is struggling with back and other problems.

Personal training RT Training & Coaching Leuven

Tailor-made personal training using scientific methods!

Lecturer in Strength Training KULeuven
AALO Personal Training instructor
Eleiko Strength Coach
Personal coaching on training, nutrition, rest and mindset
Want to start exercising, but don't know how?
Personal coaching & sports coaching tailored by a qualified Personal Trainer
We help you as personal trainer, personal coach and nutrition coach
Better than any gym

What we do regarding PT.

Extensive training and years of experience in Personal Training have ensured that we have gradually become the reference in Flemish Brabant when it comes to strictly individual fitness guidance for various goals.

Fitness Personal Training

A busy job, family life and social activities often push sports to the background. Nevertheless, you feel the need to be active and feel better. That is why many people buy a fitness subscription or running shoes. This is often done without guidance, which means the desired fitness results do not materialise. Giving up early then lurks dangerously close around the corner.

We cannot perform miracles but in the years as a personal trainer both at KULeuven and elsewhere, we have helped many people achieve their most diverse physical goals. With our science-based approach, we make sure you get a sustainable physical result.

Fitness Personal Training
Fitness training Leuven

Core Stability Training

Because sitting is more taxing on the back than lying down or standing, people with sedentary jobs are more likely to suffer from developing back pain. Core Stability is not about exhausting your abdominal muscles on a piece of fitness equipment, but is about properly and selectively tightening all core muscles so that they form a muscle corset, so to speak, that protects the spine and optimizes energy transfer between the upper and lower body.

This method of exercise reduces lower back pain and, given enough effort, can also be used to control the effects of a herniated disc.

Core Stability Training
Core stability training Leuven

Performance Training

As an aspiring recreational or elite athlete, you constantly want to improve and optimize your physical abilities! We offer a customized program to maximize your athletic abilities and reduce the risk of injury. Explosivity, strength and agility will be improved. In short: you will be able to perform better athletically.

Personal performance training
Sport performance training Leuven

Personal Strength Training & Coaching

One-on-one workouts to build strength and/or muscle mass with attention to technique and the correct execution of compound exercises in which different muscle groups are trained at the same time and should form the basis for every athlete.

One-on-one workouts in which the Olympic lifts are taught/improved to improve fast power and explosiveness of the body or specific to a sport.

Personal Strength Training
strength training.html Leuven Fit Girl

Weight Loss Training & Coaching

A metabolic workout increases your strength and endurance, burns fat and increases your metabolism to boost energy and weight loss. In addition to selecting the best workouts to lose weight, a personal trainer helps people lose weight by giving advice on nutrition and adjusting your diet.

Personal Weight Loss Training
weight loss Training Coaching Leuven

Personal rehabilitation training

As Personal Trainer, we set ourselves the task of designing exercises that fit within the framework of a rehabilitation program. Our education allows us to understand not only the nature and extent of the injury, but also what limitations you as a client have in your physical abilities.

Regarding rehabilitation training after a herniated disc, we have already accumulated extensive experience in Leuven and achieved excellent results. We certainly refer to the experiences of our clients listed throughout our website!

Personal rehabilitation training
rehabilitation Training Coaching Leuven


Whether it is your first 10km, that 10Miles, a half marathon or an improvement on your best time from the full marathon; we are happy to offer everyone the necessary support they are looking for.

Training lopen Leuven


Are you a dedicated cyclist who dreams of better performance, endurance, speed? Coach Dries has not only the knowledge but also the practical experience of cycling.

Training Cycling Leuven

What does a Personal Trainer do?

A personal trainer provides sound, scientifically sound and efficient guidance for your personal training program.
Personal Trainer Leuven
RT Personal Training Leuven

Teaching correct posture

A personal trainer will teach you how to perform exercises correctly and safely. If you are starting out in fitness or training with weights, it is highly recommended that you learn how to perform exercises. Proper technique is the basic requirement to avoid the risk of injury, recruit target muscles and maximize progression, with or without a trainer.

Personal Trainer Leuven
RT Personal Training Leuven

Pushing boundaries

As Personal Trainer, we are obviously very passionate about health and fitness and want to help you achieve your fitness goals. Our workouts will both challenge and motivate you to lead you to your full athletic potential. We will help take those few steps further that you might not have taken if you were training on your own.

RT Personal Training Leuven

No 'one-size-fits-all'

A Personal Trainer will tailor a training program to your needs, abilities and goals, which a regular gym cannot provide. Since everyone responds differently to training and nutrition, as a personal trainer, we will monitor, adjust and ramp up your training plan based on your needs so you get results faster.

You're in Good Hands.

RT Training & Coaching Leuven
  • A fit healthy body
  • Losing weight
  • Nutritional advice
  • Less back pain
  • Improved athletic performance
Personal trainer Leuven
Personal trainer Leuven
Personal trainer Leuven
Personal fitness Leuven

Training & Coaching

krachttraining Leuven

100% personal

We are there 100% for you. We listen to your needs, review your physical capabilities and motivate you in your personal training plan.

Fitness Leuven

Low athletic entry

Everyone is welcome. We are here for men and women, young or old, for the recreational athlete or the experienced athlete striving for better performance.

Sport Performance Leuven

Responsible training

Redert has the University education to perform this job responsibly and is also affiliated with KULeuven.

gevarieerde training Leuven

Varied Workouts

The days when personal training was only for Hollywood stars are a thing of the past. We provide varied workouts for beginners and advanced students.

Gewichtsverlies Leuven

Unique training

No standard programs but training based on your abilities and athletic goals to achieve targeted results!

Strength Training
Nutritional advice
Corporate fitness
Core Stability
Cardio Training
Sport Performance

RT Training & Coaching

Do you have a goal in mind? And do you need help and guidance to reach that goal? Professional guidance toward your goals under the personal supervision of a qualified personal trainer.

Get Started
Personal Trainer Leuven Redert
Personal Trainer Leuven Redert
Personal Trainer Leuven Redert
Personal Trainer Leuven Redert

Did you know there is a link between muscle strength and cancer?

Research shows that building muscle mass and strength protects against cancer

Het effect van spierkracht op operaties

The effect of muscle strength on surgeries

Het effect van training op je levensverwachting

The effect of training on your life expectancy

Het effect van training op je hersenen

The effect of training on your brain

Interested in more research on (strength) training?
  • Feeling better about yourself
  • Losing weight
  • Feeling healthier
  • More energy
  • Getting more muscular / toned
  • Strengthening your core
  • Rehabilitation after injury or illness