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Linda Leijten

I am the happy-go-lucky Dutch Linda Leijten, they also call me the female version of Redert. As far as I know, there is no greater compliment you can receive.

The beauty of handball has shaped me into who I am today. Top level sport made me realise at a young age how much needs to & can be changed about the world of movement.

Through an overtraining syndrome, I had to relearn and rebuild my body. These were the toughest but most instructive years of my life, in which quality guidance was essential. From this emerged my passion for learning to understand physical and mental health and this is what drove me to study exercise sciences. The human body is so interesting and I feel privileged to keep exploring its ever-growing science.

The 'why' is at the heart of RT Training & Coaching. Make sure you know how to substantiate everything and keep looking for the best answers. The knowledge Redert wanted to share with me is one that I greatly coveted. In turn, I want to be able to share this with others. What we stand for as a team: integrity, the best guidance and always daring to question everything. As we say beautifully in Holland: 1 TEAM 1 TASK.

During my internship period, I got to see Redert from his best side. I don't know which is bigger; his heart or his passion for the job. Although we take our job very seriously, there will be no shortage of warmth. RT Training & Coaching is not just training together; it is communicating together, setting goals together, laughing and having fun together, improving your life together. We are here for you!

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